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Serving Leaders in Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, & R&D: We Take Your Leadership Seriously

Are you a manager, project manager, or senior manager at a construction, engineering, manufacturing or R&D company, and want to establish better relationships with your team but don’t know where to start?

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At Light Your Leadership Inc. we understand the great value of the construction and manufacturing industries and the essential role that construction/skilled trades workers play in our economy and society. For this reason, we take your leadership seriously.

By participating in a Light Your Leadership Program, you can expect to learn to:  

  • Become better equipped to face your challenges as a people leader 
  • Shift your mindset from individual contributor /subject matter expert to great people leader 
  • Establish positive and collaborative working relationships  
  • Manage upwards more effectively by transforming your complaints into valuable recommendations 
  • Build trust and have authentic interactions 
  • Build confidence and manage Imposter Syndrome 
  • Grow others and inspiring them to stretch outside their comfort zone 
  • Foster diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces 
  • Attract, lead, and retain top talent 
  • Deal with emotional reactions, at work 
  • Lead during periods of transition 
  • Bust gossip and address workplace drama 
  • Provide feedback  
  • Setting healthy boundaries and practicing, and modelling the art of self-care  

Benefits of focusing on leadership growth 

  • Employees are more motivated to do and be their very best thanks to you 
  • Increased capacity to attract, retain, and grow top talent 
  • Increased employee engagement, innovation, and productivity to achieve goals 
  • Boost in health and wellness of employees, and yours too 
  • Your team will function better with have great relationships
  • Decreased conflicts, employee complaints, and gossip – and overall drama 
  • Decreased resignations and sick leave 
  • Get positive recognition and be well prepared to land promotions
  • You will be able to delegate more and trust that work will get done – and have more time for you 
  • You will begin to love your life as a leader 
Lisa's Construction Photo

Our Founder, Lisa Anna Palmer, is the proud daughter of Italian Immigrants. Her father, Corrado Cattelan, owned a cement finishing company called Plancher Joliette. Lisa loved to hop into her father’s old Ford truck and accompany him onto the work site from a very young age. There she would see her brother, cousins and uncle and other cement finishers work as a team to create high quality floors.

In addition, she has several renowned engineers in her family, and she’s worked at the Royal Canadian Mint, where she’s enjoyed and felt at home working in a manufacturing and R&D environment. Moreover, Lisa had the opportunity to coach many with STEM backgrounds (science, technology, engineering, math) to advance their careers and learn to take their leadership abilities to the next level.

As a result of her upbringing and her professional experiences, Lisa has special insight and an affinity for working with members of these trades and professions. Part of her vision is to honour her father’s memory and her family’s heritage, while she and her strategic allies contribute to the advancement of leadership in these very important industries and sectors.


"We cannot thank Lisa enough for all that we have learned during the Light Your Leadership Program and also seeing the growth that our management team has done - it is very inspiring. The learning plan is fantastic. We really appreciated the suggestions and recommendations that you made to the senior management team.” 
- Mireille Bellavance, Co-Owner and VP, Operations, Urban Quarry & Serge Bellavance, Co-Owner and VP, Sales & Marketing

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