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Leadership Coaching & Expert Advice

We offer coaching for managers and executives to develop a great people leadership mindset, and expert advice so you can lead your team to succeed in a healthy and sustainable manner. People will love working with you and be motivated to be and do their best, and you'll learn to love your life as a leader.

Our standard coaching and advice programs consist of three, six, twelve or sixteen one-on-one or peer group sessions, delivered on mutually agreed upon schedule. Our programs include reasonable access in between sessions, review and feedback on documentation, training on how to brief senior management, prepare business cases, deliver presentation as well as to help you prepare for interviews so you can land promotions.

By participating in a Light Your Leadership Program, you can expect coaching to help you to:  

  • Become better equipped to face your challenges as a people leader 
  • Shift your mindset from individual contributor /subject matter expert to great people leader 
  • Establish positive and collaborative working relationships  
  • Manage upwards more effectively by transforming your complaints into valuable recommendations 
  • Build trust and have authentic interactions 
  • Build confidence and manage Imposter Syndrome 
  • Grow others and inspiring them to stretch outside their comfort zone 
  • Foster diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces 
  • Attract, lead, and retain top talent 
  • Deal with emotional reactions, at work 
  • Lead during periods of transition 
  • Bust gossip and address workplace drama 
  • Provide feedback  
  • Setting healthy boundaries and practicing, and modelling the art of self-care  
Leadership Coaching
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Leadership Training, Workshops, & Talks

We partner with you to develop your leaders so that you can focus on growing your company, while knowing that your managers and executives are in good hands as they grow into leaders who are inspiring, engaging and motivating. We offer highly interactive leadership training, workshops, and talks so that your managers and executives learn the Light Your Leadership Approach. You'll have a management team that is well equipped to build a leading-edge workplace culture designed to thrive in a revolutionized 21st Century economy.

Standard Six-Month Light Your Leadership Training Program for Managers & Executives 

  • Interviews with participants for needs analysis 
  • Six 2.5 hour workshops (offered monthly) 
  • 3 coaching sessions each 
  • Success Mindsets Assessment, Book, guest speaker 
  • Verbal briefing re: observations and suggestions 
  • Copies of Light a Fire In Their Hearts books 

Special C-Level Executives Retreat to Better Understand the Needs of Their Managers 

  • 2 hour C-Suite retreat to help leaders better understand how to support the leadership development of their Middle Managers 
  • Development of a high level road map for leadership development at organization  
  • Copies of Light a Fire In Their Hearts books 
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Leadership Consulting & Engagement Solutions 

We partner with you to identify your top leadership challenges to help you take the guess work out of what needs to be put in place to boost employee health, morale, engagement, and productivity. We make both strategic and tactical recommendations inspired by best practices and adapted to your business needs. We offer highly customized practical solutions so that your management team are better equipped to build an inclusive, engaging, healthy, and sustainable workplace culture.

 Note: All of our services are designed to support leaders in both physical and virtual workplaces (Covid-19 Guidelines apply). 

Light Your Leadership representatives will meet with you, to help you identify your key leadership challenges and make recommendations so that you can align toward realizing your vision for organization. 

To gather information, we will conduct interviews and focus groups with managers, and employees, as well as review all relevant documentation such as HR key performance indicators, dashboards, client satisfaction surveys and results of employee surveys, and your current inventory of Talent Management and Talent Acquisition initiatives. 

Once we analyze the information, we will make recommendations on topics, including but not limited to: 

  • How to increase leadership capacity in organization to boost overall employee morale, health and engagement 
  • Understand the experience of what it is like to get promoted in your organization 
  • How to address systemic barriers to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Create a vision for leadership in your company 
  • How to guide the upcoming generation of leaders 
  • Tips to be a mentor and at the same time focus on growing your lasting leadership legacy 
Be a leader, not a boss

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Note: All our services can be delivered in person or virtually. Covid-19 guidelines apply. 

Light A Fire In Their Hearts

Light a Fire in Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership, helps to set great leaders apart by helping them connect with others on a human level. It is a leadership book like no other that will have you laughing, crying, and reflecting, while you learn strategies, tools, and approaches to light a fire in the hearts of your employees and colleagues from across your organization.

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