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At Light Your Leadership Inc. we are committed to helping managers and executives to elevate and scale their leadership so that they and their teams can succeed in the eventual and volatile post-pandemic world. We believe that when we focus on helping leaders to grow their self-awareness, and become better equipped to connect at the human level, by tapping and growing compassion, courage, competence, and creativity, that they will learn to love their life as a leader.

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Ever since the pandemic began, managers and executives at all levels have been trying figure out how to lead people through a revolutionary shift in the way we work. Unfortunately, the current workplace landscape is littered with massive turnover, polarized views, disgruntled workers, stressed out managers, and less-than-stellar profits. Clearly, when it comes to engaging and retaining staff, the old way of doing things is no longer yielding desired results. The good news is that we have developed a program that gets to the heart of the matter and helps you to be the type of leader that people love to work with and contribute their best, even with today's volatile work environment. We will help you peel back the layers and raise your confidence and self-awareness so that you can access your truth and unleash the leader that you already are.

We Help Leaders Build The Mindset & Skills They Need To Light A Fire In The Hearts Of People At Work

We offer coaching/mentoring for managers and executives to develop a great people leadership mindset, and expert advice so you can lead your team to succeed in a healthy and sustainable manner. People will love working with you and be motivated to be and do their best, and you'll learn to love your life as a leader. We use tools such as the Life Inventory Assessment and the Passion Test to help participants gain greater clarity so that they can raise their self-awareness and step up to create the life they want. As they begin to love their life, they will transform into the rare type of leader that people love to work with, and who they look forward to seeing on a Monday morning.

What Are Contemporary Leaders Supposed To Do In This Volatile Market?

Tough challenges present opportunities. Now is the time for leaders to reinvent themselves so that they can succeed in workplaces that are dramatically different than they were just three years ago. To respond to a great need, Lisa and her team have designed specific state of the art leadership development strategies to help you lead with heart and mind as you rise up the corporate ladder in this often confusing post-pandemic world. With the Elevate and Scale Your Leadership Program, you will gain greater clarity and boost your resilience so you can deliver healthy and sustainable results by putting people and planet first. To bring you the best leading edge content, Lisa is collaborating with contemporary thought leaders who are all working together to humanize workplaces around the globe. They are devoted to helping leaders like you to access the power within your heart and mind so that you can fully step into the leader you envision yourself to be.


We created this three tier program for leaders who believe in lifelong learning. Ideal participants wish to learn leading edge strategies that can help them achieve new levels of success and social responsibility by putting people and planet first. We are excited to help leaders like you to reimagine themselves so that you can thrive in revolutionized work environments that are radically different from what they were even just three years ago. Our standard coaching/mentoring and advice programs consist of three, six, or twelve month programs. Our programs include reasonable access in between sessions, review and feedback on documentation, training on how to brief senior management, prepare business cases, deliver presentation as well as to help you prepare for interviews so you can land promotions.

We partner with you to develop your leaders so that you can focus on growing your company, while knowing that your managers and executives are in good hands as they grow into leaders who are inspiring, engaging and motivating.

We offer highly interactive leadership training, workshops, and talks so that your managers and executives learn the Light Your Leadership Approach. You'll have a management team that is well equipped to build a leading-edge workplace culture designed to thrive in a revolutionized 21st Century economy.


Tier 1 is for emerging leaders who are embarking upon their leadership journey. You are the Sparks who want to be a force for good at work and in the community. A great place to begin your explorations is by taking a deeper dive and connecting with your inner leader by enrolling in our self-paced asynchronous program. Ideal participants are integrity based, hearted-inspired, authentic individuals who want to have a positive impact on the lives of others and who want to learn what it takes to be their very best. They are ready to strengthen their foundation and step into roles of increasing responsibility. They are eager to learn approaches to lead people in their organizations or their community to succeed in healthy and meaningful ways during these uncertain times. They want to learn the secrets to being the type of leader people look forward to working with on a Monday morning!


Tier 2 draws out managers and aspiring/new executives who want to lead to engage and bring out the best in the people who work on their teams. You lead with your heart and mind in the right place, and you got promoted because you are a high performer. You don’t like being told that you need to play games or look out for #1 to get ahead, and you know that there are better ways to climb the corporate ladder. You are the type of leader who wants to learn ways to inspire and engage others to join you as a force for good at work and in the community. We are accepting applications from leaders who are advancing their career and who are compassionate and have integrity. Those selected realize that the best way to succeed is to stay healthy while putting people and planet first. They want to learn tools, strategies, and approaches to do this so that they can put their best leadership abilities into practice every day. They are eager to deepen their understanding of what they need to start doing today to prepare their ascent to top management positions in the future.


Tier 3 draws out executives (directors, VPs, and C-Suite) who are ready to do deep profound work to transform their leadership from the inside out. You have a strong sense of purpose and the humility to realize that you don’t have all the answers. You are the Beacons, the fire starters. You walk the talk and invest in building your legacy to change the world—be it the world of the people you work with or the world at large. Successful applicants are the change makers ready to unleash human potential in the most profound way. They are eager to work both in community and one-on-one to take a deep dive within themselves and bring forth the very best in themselves and others. They are ready to uplevel so that they can steer the company to succeed by putting people and planet first. They are working to realize big wins not only for their organization but for the industry, for society, and for all living beings. We are accepting applications from leaders who are true role models of integrity and authenticity. Successful applicants want to grow themselves and mentor other leaders to make the world a better place. Top Leaders in our program are called to set the foundation that will help elevate a new generation of leaders because they understand that our future depends on it.

Together, we can make the world a better workplace for current and future generations.