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1-2-3: Which scenario best describes you?

  • Is this you?

    Are you a C-Level Executive in a profitable company struggling because you're torn: it's not easy to balance time on strategy & growth with time to ensure that your managers and executives are behaving like great leaders?

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     C-Level Executive
  • Is this you?

    Are you a manager or director with ambitions to one day become a great senior executive, and yet your stomach turns every time you hear that you need to “Play The Game” to get ahead?

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    a manager or director
  • Is this you?

    Are you a manager or senior manager in the construction industry or with a background in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and you want to establish better relationships with your team but don’t know where to begin?

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     a manager, project manager, or senior manager at a construction, engineering, manufacturing or R&D company


Leadership Coaching & Expert Advice

For managers and executives to develop a great people leadership mindset so you can lead your team to succeed in a healthy and sustainable manner. People will love working with you, and you'll love your life as a leader.

Leadership Training, Workshops, & Talks

Highly interactive training, workshops, and talks for your managers and executives. They will learn the Light Your Leadership Approach so that your organization can thrive in a revolutionized 21st Century economy.

Note: All of our services can be delivered both in person and virtually.

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Leadership Consulting & Engagement Solutions

We partner with you to identify your top leadership challenges and take the guess work out of engaging and motivating employees. Our solutions are inspired by best practices and designed to meet your specific business needs.

Light A Fire In Their Hearts

International bestseller, Light a Fire in Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership, guides managers and executives at all levels to be great people leaders by connecting with others at the human level. This is a leadership book like no other that will have you laughing, crying, and reflecting, while you learn strategies, tools, and approaches to light a fire in the hearts of your employees and colleagues from across your organization.

Light a fire in their hearts by Lisa Anna Palmer

What is LYLTalks Podcast?

Features informal chats with leaders and leadership experts from around the globe. Tune in to this podcast hosted by Lisa Anna Palmer, author of the international bestselling Light A Fire in Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership, so that you too can stay informed about the latest wise practices that set great leaders apart.

Light your light podcast - podcast about leadership skills


"I highly recommend Lisa Anna Palmer. I’m a Public Servant in a management position and Lisa was my Leadership Coach in 2018. I had interviewed three coaches from our ‘approved supplier list’ and by far, Lisa’s coaching program is the one that exceeded my expectations. Her program and coaching services helped me to focus on a number of leadership/strategic thinking areas that I wanted to grow, and also helped me to tap into my passions and become a better leader. Highly recommend!"

"We cannot thank Lisa enough for all that we have learned during the Light Your Leadership Program and also seeing the growth that our management team has done - it is very inspiring. The learning plan is fantastic. We really appreciated the suggestions and recommendations that she made to the senior management team."

"Lisa Anna Palmer has played an instrumental role in the co-development and co-delivery of the Aboriginal Leadership Development Initiative. Her leadership expertise, wisdom, and generosity of heart have supported Indigenous participants in successfully taking on director-level + leadership roles in the federal public service."

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