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Leadership at levels.

You Are More Powerful Than You Think


Did you ever stop to think that maybe you are more powerful than you think?  We all are, regardless of our level ... and so we need to be more conscious about how we wield this power to be a force for good at work. For instance, you have the power to:

  • Make someone’s day at the office with your smile
  • Help someone who is feeling isolated realize they matter by saying “Hello, how are you?” and really mean it
  • Offer a colleague who is struggling a safe space by setting your phone on silent, and listening without judgment, as they share their thoughts and feelings
  • Shift workplace culture by modelling compassion and kindness in every interaction–even during difficult conversations
  • Help colleagues to ‘shine’ and succeed by helping them to tap into their own power so they can step into their own personal leadership


What can you do today to be a force for good at work?


(Photo credits: by True Agency on Unsplash)  


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