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Supporting Managers & Executives: Accompanying You On Your Leadership Journey

Are you a manager or director with ambitions to one day become a senior executive and your stomach turns to knots every time you're told that you that you need to “Play The Game” to get ahead?

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Light Your Leadership Inc. would be pleased to accompany you as move along your leadership journey. We will meet you where you are at, help you gain greater clarity about what is important to you in your personal life and career, and help you gain greater clarity on how you want to show up as a leader at home, at work, and in your community.

We will help you become better equipped to handle leadership challenges they never taught you about while you were pursuing your studies or in your personal or professional development. We will help you to advance your career while staying true to you and help you build solid relationships at work. We will share with you the wise practices of great people leaders and help you to connect at the human level so that you can engage and inspire your employees, management, peers and other colleagues so that they want to collaborate with you.

This will allow you to lead your team to success, while you harmonize your work and personal life, so that you have energy left at the end of the day to spend quality time with your loved ones and/or making a positive impact through community involvement, and carving out time for you to reflect, self-care and live the life you want.

By participating in a Light Your Leadership Program, you can expect to learn to:  

  • Become better equipped to face your challenges as a people leader 
  • Shift your mindset from individual contributor /subject matter expert to great people leader 
  • Establish positive and collaborative working relationships  
  • Manage upwards more effectively by transforming your complaints into valuable recommendations 
  • Build trust and have authentic interactions 
  • Build confidence and manage Imposter Syndrome 
  • Grow others and inspiring them to stretch outside their comfort zone 
  • Foster diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces 
  • Attract, lead, and retain top talent 
  • Deal with emotional reactions, at work 
  • Lead during periods of transition 
  • Bust gossip and address workplace drama 
  • Provide feedback  
  • Setting healthy boundaries and practicing, and modelling the art of self-care  

Benefits of focusing on leadership growth 

  • Employees are more motivated to do and be their very best thanks to you 
  • Increased capacity to attract, retain, and grow top talent 
  • Increased employee engagement, innovation, and productivity to achieve goals 
  • Boost in health and wellness of employees, and yours too 
  • Your team will function better with have great relationships
  • Decreased conflicts, employee complaints, and gossip – and overall drama 
  • Decreased resignations and sick leave 
  • Get positive recognition and be well prepared to land promotions
  • You will be able to delegate more and trust that work will get done – and have more time for you 
  • You will begin to love your life as a leader 


“I highly recommend Lisa Anna Palmer. I’m a Public Servant in a management position and Lisa was my Leadership Coach in 2018. I had interviewed three coaches from our ‘approved supplier list’ and by far, Lisa’s coaching program is the one exceeded my expectations. Her program and coaching services helped me focus on a number of leadership/strategic thinking areas that I wanted to grow and also helped me tap into my passions and become a better leader. Highly recommend!
Johanne G. Gagnon, Government of Canada 

"I am grateful that through difficult times, Lisa was there to offer me professional coaching. Little did I knew that much of the challenges I was facing could be solved through adapting my leadership. Lisa was instrumental in focusing on the conversations that gradually shifted my mindset toward constructive and realistic solutions that I could undertake. On multiple occasions, excerpts from her book were used as a placeholder to initiate fulsome reflection. It was a refreshing approach that I’ve continued to leverage well after our coaching sessions. Thanks Lisa!"
Alain B. Director, Federal Government Agency