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C-Level Executives: Partnering with You to Boost Your Company’s Leadership Capacity 

"Are you a C-Level Executive in a profitable company stressed about the need to balance strategy and continuing to grow your company with trying to be a good mentor to grow the leadership capacity of your middle and senior managers?"

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Light Your Leadership Inc. would be pleased to partner with you to help you build the leadership capacity of your managers and executives. This will allow you to balance your time knowing that your management ranks will continue to grow their leadership abilities to keep up with the demands and the vision you have for your growing company. Through the Light Your Leadership Programs, the leaders in your company will shift toward a leadership mindset that will boost their ability to lead their teams to success. Leaders participating in the program can expect to:  

  • Increase their EQ, confidence, and competence so that they are able to connect authentically with employees, peers, and management and establish solid, trusting, and productive relationships 
  • Foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment where all employees can feel like they belong and can give their best  
  • Prepare to get promoted by staying true, demonstrating good ethics, integrity, respect and civility 
  • Manage upwards more effectively by shifting from complaining and bringing forward problems for you to solve, to presenting you with ideas, strategies, and solid recommendations 
  • Learn how they can engage employees to operationalize your company values, vision, mission and corporate and team goals and individual objectives 
  • Learn to give feedback, appreciate, and recognize direct reports and other colleagues in meaningful ways using various techniques 
  • Be better equipped to handle difficult situations and for busting gossip and vastly reduce office drama 
  • Manage change and transition to accelerate adoption in a healthy and sustainable fashion 

Benefits of helping your managers and executives be great people leaders: 

  • Employees are more motivated to do and be their very best because they know their leaders value and appreciate them 
  • Increased capacity to attract, retain, and grow top talent (decreased replacement costs) 
  • Increased employee engagement, innovation, and productivity 
  • Boost in health and wellness for employees, leaders and for you 
  • Better functioning teams where members are focused on work and building great relationships, rather than conflict and drama 
  • Decreased conflicts, employee complaints, and gossip 
  • Enhanced corporate and employer brand with both employers and clients/customers 
  • Decreased resignations and sick leave 
  • You will be able to delegate more and trust that work will get done – and have more time for you 
  • You will begin to love your life as a top leader 

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"We retained Lisa to present her Light Your Leadership program to the CURAVITA leadership team. This included our CEO, our COO, 5 Chiropractors, and 2 Senior Clinic Health Assistants. We saw great results: participants increased their clarity about their style of leadership, and how they wanted to lead and inspire others at work.

The feedback was very positive and we continue to use the insights and the leading edge leadership practices that we gained through the Light Your Leadership program. In addition, we continue to utilize Lisa’s new book, “Light a Fire in Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership” as a leadership guide, as it contains practical advice to help us handle any challenges we may face and to ignite engagement and create a positive mindset within our organization.

You would be wise to engage Lisa to help guide your management team’s leadership journey. We highly recommend her and the great work she is doing to help leaders and managers shift their mindset from high performing individual contributors to great people leaders."

Erin Crotty
Chief Business & Relationships Officer

“Lisa Anna Palmer has played an instrumental role in the co-development and co-delivery of the Aboriginal Leadership Development Initiative (ALDI). Her leadership expertise, wisdom, and generosity of heart have supported Indigenous participants in successfully taking on director-level + leadership roles in the federal public service. Participants particularly enjoyed her sessions on the Imposter Syndrome which went a long way in boosting their confidence in further becoming intentional heart-centred leaders. Lisa has built long-lasting coaching relationships with these Indigenous leaders, some well beyond the scope of ALDI.” 

Nathalie Bloskie
Lead, Indigenous Retention
Crown-Indigenous Relations & Northern Affairs Canada-Indigenous Services Canada.