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Are you ready to connect with your inner leader to figure out your next career move?

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At Light Your Leadership Inc., we encourage everyone to do a deep dive to figure out how they wish to show up as a leader. We have many strategies and approaches to help emerging leaders who are embarking upon their leadership journey to gain greater clarity about their career advancement so they can design their next career move.

If you want to develop and grow your leadership abilities so that you can become a force for good at work and in the community, a great place to begin your explorations is by taking a deeper dive and connecting with your inner leader by enrolling in our self-paced asynchronous program.

Ideal participants are integrity based, hearted-inspired, authentic individuals who want to have a positive impact on the lives of others and who want to learn what it takes to be their very best.

They are ready to strengthen their foundation and step into roles of increasing responsibility. They are eager to learn approaches to lead people in their organizations or their community to succeed in healthy and meaningful ways during these uncertain times. They want to learn the secrets to being the type of leader people look forward to working with on a Monday morning!


"We cannot thank Lisa enough for all that we have learned during the Light Your Leadership Program and also seeing the growth that our management team has done - it is very inspiring. The learning plan is fantastic. We really appreciated the suggestions and recommendations that you made to the senior management team.” 
- Mireille Bellavance, Co-Owner and VP, Operations, Urban Quarry & Serge Bellavance, Co-Owner and VP, Sales & Marketing

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