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Our Company

Lisa Anna Palmer created Light Your Leadership Inc. (LYLI) in November of 2020.

Our company is founded on the values and principles that are central to the Light Your Leadership Approach, a method developed by Lisa and featured in her international bestselling book, Light A Fire In Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership.

We coach, train, deliver talks, and offer consulting and engagement solutions on a global platform. Through our suite of services, strategies, tools, and products, we help leaders at all levels of the organization to develop the proper mindset and the approach they need to light a fire in the hearts of people at work so that we can thrive in the 21st century.   

Our Mission

We help leaders to achieve their vision by putting people and planet first.

We do this by offering customized coaching, training, and mentorship programs designed to develop their leadership abilities and gain greater clarity, boost their confidence, and connect with people they work with ... so they can learn to love their life as a leader.

Our Vision

Together, we will make the world a better workplace by creating a platform to evolve and elevate leadership at all ages, all levels, and all backgrounds.

Healthier workplaces will lead to a more inclusive society, a thriving economy, and a healthier planet. We are working toward creating a critical mass of great people leaders so they can contribute to a society of healthier, more inspired and engaged people who want to be and do their very best at work, at home, and in their communities. Work will be more sustainable and organizations will feature workplaces that are more inclusive, equitable, diverse, fun and more productive. 

Our Values 

The 3 C’s of Connection: Compassion, Courage, and Competence. 

Our Operating Principles 

The 8 P’s of Ignition: Profundity, Passion, Purpose, Perseverance, Professionalism, Play, Philanthropy, and Prosperity