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Lisa Anna Palmer is a motivational speaker and coach based in Canada. An expert on leadership and self-leadership, Lisa is passionate about helping organizations and inspiring high performers to advance their careers and transform into Great People Leaders©, while they stay true to themselves.

She is an advocate for Inclusion and is the author of international bestseller Light a Fire in Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership. In addition, she has written numerous blog posts, a contributing author to the International best-selling compilation book series: 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, 365 Moments of Grace, 365 Life Shifts, and Goodness Abounds— initiatives by renowned authors Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. 

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Book a discovery session with Lisa to learn how as a motivational speaker and expert on leadership she can help motivate your audience to be the best version of themselves, either as self-leaders or people leaders.

Light A Fire In Their Hearts

Light a Fire in Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership, helps to set great leaders apart by helping them connect with others on a human level. It is a leadership book like no other that will have you laughing, crying, and reflecting, while you learn strategies, tools, and approaches to light a fire in the hearts of your employees and colleagues from across your organization.

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